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Triversion is an exquisite satin cleaning cloth, designed with multi-layered geometric shapes in a dazzling mix of green and pink. It is hand cut and hand sewn on the sides, and is a fine companion for your flute, Syrinx bag or Nocturne phone case.


The vivid geometric shape drawn by Noemi and computer designed by Hungarian graphic designer Agnes Vas was inspired by the bold, exciting and colourful rhythmic poliphony of music.


The cloth is 40x40 cm and is machine washable.


  • We advise the clothes to be hand washed or cleaned using the delicate cycle of your washer. Always use a cold-water temperature for the wash and rinse and a gentle detergent. Please do not wring or twist the satin fabric when hand wish, gently swish through the cleaning and rinse water.


    Do not dry on high heat in a tumble dryer; sheets should be hung to dry or tumbled on low heat and removed from the dryer while still slightly damp and allowed to air dry. Satin clothes should be dried flat away from direct heat and sunlight to prevent damaging and weakening of the long fibres.

    Iron on a low to medium low heat setting on the wrong side of the fabric – always use a pressing cloth between the iron and the fabric.

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